Kouign Amann

Regional pastry from Brittany, France that is like a salted caramel Croissant; includes Classic &  other seasonal flavors depending on the time of year

Shoe Soles​ & Shoe Sole Debris

​Traditional New Orleans pastry w/ more intense flavor, in the shape of little Sophie's shoe & the debris is the trim from the soles 


​Traditional French pastry aka "Elephant Ear"

"​Pop Tarte"

​Italian Crostata made into a familiar shape w/local seasonal fresh fruit & jam

​Croissant au beurre

Croissants made w/ real butter

​Pain au chocolat

Chocolate Croissant made w/ Valrhona Chocolate

Almond Croissant

w/ a hint of citrus

Chocolate Almond Croissant

w/ Valrhona Chocolate

Ham & Cheese Croissant

w/ black forest ham & Gruyere cheese

Spinach Croissant

w/ spinach, ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, & garlic.

Everything Croissant

Everything topping & filled w/ whipped green onion cream cheese

Kumquat Croissant

Sweet & sour orange glaze & filled w/ homemade kumquat jam

Morning Bun

Cinnamon Roll made using Croissant dough w/ a hint of orange

Sticky Bun

made using Croissant dough w/ pecans & maple syrup caramel


Cross between a Beignet & Croissant; filled w/ white chocolate lemon curd cream or seasonal fillings


slice of sour dough bread topped w/ almond cream & sliced almonds 

Seasonal Muffins ​

Seasonal flavors


different Quiche flavor depending on the day

German Soft Pretzels

w/ a chocolate dipping sauce

Brioche feuilletée​

a laminated brioche​​

We also constantly create new seasonal pastries & during Mardi Gras Season we have our own signature Brioche King Cake and Galette de Rois (French King Cake)